gabby and resident at riva ridge assisted living center

From existing center resident families:

"We loved everything about this place- the staff, the food, the facility, the grounds, and most of all my grandmother liked it most out of all the places she had been.  I enjoyed going there to see her.  It was a very homey atmosphere.  Ken, and his staff, have great care for their residents." - Jessica B.

"Our beloved father became a part of the Riva Ridge family from day one and so did we. The setting is beautiful and peaceful. All of the staff are dedicated, compassionate, respectful, competent and loving and we are all so thankful that a remarkable place called Riva Ridge exists. I am still in awe of the loving care that they provided to our dear father and each of us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Forever grateful," -  ♥ Eve

“Words cannot express our heartfelt gratitude for all that you did for our Dad… You were indeed his family. He thought the world of EACH and every one of you. That is why he told us that he was in a great place. We thank you on a personal level for giving us peace of mind knowing our loved one was in caring hands… ‘Thank you’ is just the beginning of our thoughts and feelings for all the Riva Ridge folks. Dad loved you as do we…” - ♥ Tim & Connie

"If you do not have your loved one here, you are really not getting what you pay for in excellent medical care. Strongly recommend over others. It’s a learning experience and we learned from unfortunate mistakes. No feeling of institutionalization just plain ole’ home with a high caregiver ratio to resident…" - ♥ Diana F.

“I cannot adequately say what is in my heart and the heart of my family for the care, love and devotion you and your staff afforded our Dad. All of you are specially gifted in your ability to show compassion and give of yourselves so completely to people in your care who struggle so desperately with the disease my Dad had. Our family found the rarest of blessings at Riva Ridge, that is an entire staff of people who know how to touch, to stimulate, to make comfortable and to treat with loving humanity and dignity, those who are living and dying in such a dignified way. I wish all professional care givers in this country could spend one day observing you all in your dedicated actions as you attend to the people in your care… We will forever be grateful for what you’ve done. Thank you says so little but we mean it in the most meaningful way we know how." -  ♥ John H.

"…Your staff is so loving to those people that I am constantly reminded by seeing them in action what the term ‘loving-kindness’ really means. You and your complete staff are such a blessing to those placed in your care! May God generously bless you all." - ♥ Jim E.

resident at riva ridge memory care center

“Thank you for all you have done for my mother. Your facility gave her close, constant, personal and loving care in her final days. This made a big difference to her peace of mind. I can see that this all came from your vision and leadership. My wife and I had great confidence that my mother was getting the best possible care. Everyone has different needs and you and your staff went the extra mile in catering to my mother’s wishes from setting her up in the perfect room to introducing her into the ‘family of residents.’ In her short stay with you she was able to meet and enjoy the company of others.” - ♥ Bob P.

“I was somewhat hesitant about moving my mother from an assisted living environment to Riva Ridge, but in hindsight, I wished that I had moved her sooner. The extra care and attention that she received at Riva Ridge was superb. The staff is the most loving and caring that one could hope for." - ♥ Ray and Pam

“My husband has only been at Riva Ridge… for about three months. But in that time I have been very pleased with the care he is receiving. When he needs special service, they see he gets what he needs. I like that Ken, the owner, is there and he tries to do special things to help me like picking up medication, helping me lift my husband’s chair and helping me solve problems when they come up. I also like that I get reports when there is a problem. I fully trust Ken and the staff for the care of my husband." - ♥ Euella S.

“It takes special people to look after others with the kind of caring and concern you always show. Your work in caring for our Aunt… is very much appreciated." - ♥ Anne and Pat


resident sitting in the wildflowers at riva ridge memory center

"My mom is at Riva Ridge Memory Care Center in Leander, TX. I just want to give a shout out to Kellie and the most wonderful caring and loving angels that work there. I couldn’t ask for better caregivers. We are blessed. Thank you girls!" - ♥ Marcia D. (Facebook)


“Dear Ken, This letter is about my experience with your facility when my wife was a patient there. I can tell you that I am pretty knowledgeable about long-term care in the Austin area since I researched and visited many providers during my wife’s nearly ten years of illness. In addition, she spent two years in long-term care at two different facilities. I can state with confidence that your facility has the most conscientious manager (that would be you), the facility is attractive and spotless, your staff is caring and competent, there is no smell of disinfectant or other odors usually found in such facilities. Another factor that is very important is cost. In my opinion, you provide the most value by far for your fees. Most other facilities charge a lot more and deliver a lot less service. Thank you and your staff for what you did for my family. - ♥ Al L.

“The genuine level of awareness, caring and respect by ALL of the staff members is just fantastic. The building facilities, grounds and common areas are always clean and maintained to a very high standard. A special thanks to Ken and staff who are constantly making adjustments to ensure Dad’s care needs and quality of life are maintained to the highest level possible. The staff’s compassion, patience and determination to understand how to best help the residents live life to the fullest while preserving individual dignity is not only appreciated, but truly amazing. They always take the time to work with Dad, assess his condition and discuss how things could be made better. Our prayers were answered when we found Riva Ridge...” - ♥ Tammy & Barbara

“I wanted to thank you all for the love and care you showed my mom this past year… I can’t imagine what it must be like for you to be in a business of helping families and their loved ones as they slip away slowly to the horrible disease that is Alzheimer’s. In some ways, I’m sure there is a routine about it – knowing the progressions of the disease, the signs and so on. And yet, there is also something very personal about every case and every patient.  And you all have definitely made that your focus in the ways and means of how you care for your residents and their families.  That is a beautiful thing! …You have been a blessing and are much appreciated!” - ♥ Sara K.

"There are no words to express my gratitude to you and your caregivers for the care you gave my Mother. The kindness and love you showed her, even when she was being difficult, is testament to the class of people that you [have] working there. Thank you for the 'Home Away from Home' that you provided for the last year of Mom's life. Also, thank you for helping me get through the most difficult time of my life... Never forget how important each one of you are to every family that walks through those doors. I'm going to miss you all.” - ♥ Joan B.


"The Riva Ridge Staff, Thank you so much for the wonderful care and hospitality you provided to my grandmother... You made her comfortable and happy... You are all special people who do a great job. Thank you,” - ♥ Brett





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