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Life and Times

Sunday service at Riva Ridge Memory Care Center

Riva Ridge Memory Care Center offers much more than basic assistance with activities of daily living. We provide experienced hands-on care to ensure our residents will be safe, clean and loved. Our philosophy of person-centered care takes a holistic approach. Rather than basing care on a medical model where residents are seen as sick and dependent, and where the day revolves around administrative tasks and "treatment", we provide a well-rounded program that nurtures a resident's cognitive, spiritual, social and emotional being.

Outside on the porch at Riva Ridge Memory Care CenterOur residents experience activities tailored to their preferences and their ever-changing abilities, including everyday interaction with visitors, children and the outdoors. You can often find everyone on the back porch sharing a song, taking in the view and feeling the breeze. Other times, a lively game of dominoes or cheering for a favorite football team can be heard. Moments like these are the cornerstone in our approach to dementia care.



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